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The Lawn Goodbye

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I want to tell you about a great little 5-minute video from KCET, the local SoCal public television station. It’s fun and well worth five minutes of your time. It features homeowners (several of them are friends of mine!) who have taken the step of replacing their thirsty, water-guzzling lawns with a variety of natives, succulents, edible gardens, or drought-resistant native turf grass. These are some great examples of forward-thinking people who are taking the initiative to install more efficient irrigation systems and convert their lawns to more sustainable alternatives. In one case that you’ll see here, someone filled in their swimming pool and replaced it with a gorgeous succulent garden. Not one of these people regrets the decision to give up their big expanse of lawn.

Take a look!


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I'm a professional landscape designer located in the Greater Los Angeles area. I design all types of gardens, but I specialize in drought tolerant and Mediterranean designs that conserve water and harmonize with our native California surroundings. To see photos of my work, visit my website:

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